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3M Certified and 3M Preferred
Installation Company

We are the only car vinyl wrapping company in the Tri-State-Area which has the ability of using any kind of vinyl from simple air release materials to harder mirror finish chrome installation. Vehicle wrap is the hardest vinyl application due to the complexity of the shape and high wear. Despite that WrapColors.com offers a 3 year workmanship and a five year material warranty on all our projects due to the highest possible quality of instillation, materials, tools and staff employed. Even though all car wraps and vinyl installations are done by hand WrapColors.com uses industry leading techniques and trained professionals to prevent errors and mistakes, ensuring the highest quality during your project. Our entire staff are 3M certified installers, specializing in color change techniques.

Maintain Your Cars Risidual Value

Imagine driving your car for the next five years without normal day-to-day damage to its factory paintwork. We don't just wrap used cars, we can apply vinyl to your car straight out of the showroom! This means, when you decide to unwrap your car, the paint is literally 'brand new' underneath. With a vinyl car wrap from WrapColors.com, this is precisely what we aim to achieve. Not only can you breathe new life into the appearance of your car, but you can maintain its residual value too.

Special Effects

Vinyl car wraps allow you the customer to create different and unique effects not easily achieved through re-spraying. All while being much more affordable and completely reversible. Everything from 3D carbon fiber film to chrome or even matt black - the possibilities are endless. The choice is yours!